GMA Certified Manager Programme

Goa Management Association is pleased to launch its 6-month GMA Certified Manager Programme (CMP).

The GMA CMP is designed to enhance managerial and leadership skills, and develop managers who want to take up higher challenges. It is designed to meet the needs of organisations that seek to enhance the managerial acumen of their key frontline performers.

The GMA CMP aims to update knowledge, capabilities and confidence to adapt to a changing business landscape and take up leadership responsibilities.  The objectives of the program are:

  1. To impart managerial knowledge & skills to supervisors in industries
  2. To help supervisors upgrade their skills and manage their teams and the organisation more effectively.

The GMA CMP will

  1. Refresh conceptual knowledge
  2. Review business fundamentals
  3. Improve awareness of business & economic scenarios
  4. Offer analytical and practical insights to
    1.  Improve individual performance
    2.  Influence teams
    3. Contribute to the organisation’s success.

The GMA Certified Manager Programme is a 6-month programme. On successful completion of all the modules of the programme, the participants will be awarded a Certificate.  It offers 16 credits, consisting of five key courses or modules, each of a duration of 30 hours, and 2.5 credits.  

These modules cover management functions and processes, business environment, enabling participants, to broaden their perspective, understand other business functions, develop a holistic view, appreciate factors affecting business decisions and make effective decisions.  The GMA CMP will also provide inputs on soft skills to understand dynamics of behaviour, group dynamics, teamwork and leadership.

  • Course M1 Management and Behaviour
  • Course M2 People and Performance
  • Course M3 Finance and Accounting
  • Course M4 Production and Control
  • Course M5 Customer and Marketing

The first batch of GMA CMP will commence from January 2022.  Admissions for this batch have commenced.  For more information, refer to the

GMA CMP One Pager

GMA CMA Prospectus

Important dates for GMA CMP

Commencement of Admission to GMA CMP:  1 Nov 20221
Commencement of GMA CMP: January 2022
Completion of GMA CMP: June 2022

Applications for admission to the programme should be sent to The Course Coordinator, Certified Management Programme.

For other queries and information, please contact Ms Rusai Fernandes, Administrative Officer