Goa Management Association offers two types of membership:

  • Institutional Membership
  • Individual Membership

Membership of Goa Management Association in 2019 is as below:

  • Institutional Members: 52
  • Individual Members: 185

All its members or representatives are entitled to attend the open activities conducted by GMA. Members can avail membership discounts when attending training programmes conducted by GMA. Members are also entitled to access the small library of books that is available at the GMA office.

Benefits to Members

  • Invitation to all open GMA programmes and monthly Knowledge Lecture Series
  • Membership discounted rates for training programmes and seminars.
  • Access to the library at GMA office
  • Access to publications of GMA and those received from from other LMAs, AIMA and various Institutions.
  • Interaction and networking with other members of GMA

Application for Membership

Organisations / Individuals wishing to be members of GMA are required to submit the relevant application form for membership and submit it to the GMA office for consideration,along with the requisite entrance and membership fee.
The details of different types of membership and the fees applicable are given in the page on Membership Types. Please download the relevant application form (in pdf) from the below links.
 » Institutional Membership Form
 » Individual Membership Form


Category Eligibility Entrance Annual Life
Founder Founder members of the association   3000  
Patron Person, firm or company engaged in trade, commerce and industry and has contributed earlier to GMA as a Patron member 10000 3500 25000
Corporate Firm, company or similar institution with 100 or more employees, interested in development of management 3500 3500 25000
Associate Corporate Firm, company or similar institution with less than 100 employees, interested in development of management 2500 2500 20000
Educational Institute Educational institute, providing management or allied education at graduate or undergraduate level 2500 2500 20000
Invidual Professional Persons in responsible positions in industrial, commercial, business, government, consulting, professional or educational organisations engaged in the study and application of management principles and effective utilisation of human and material resources. Individuals teaching management subjects in educational institutes 1000 1000 5000
Student Persons, of 18 – 28 years of age, pursuing management education as a student. 100 50 0